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Introduction- P2SUP

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Training for a race, paddling to increase your endurance, exploring lakes, rivers and bays, using your board as a base for yoga – these are all fun, and fit ways to expand your SUP skills.Power of Presence SUP ( also called P2SUP) will connect your current SUP skills, no matter what they might be, to an expansion of your “life” skills through a series of well-designed, guided meditations.

Slowing down and practicing power of presence through a moving meditation as you paddle is what P2SUP is all about. (Why Add P2SUP? More here)

There is something magically meditative about standup paddling. Whether catching a glassy wave, or stroking through flowing, flat water with sunny afternoon breezes at your face, your mind is able regroup and re-charge with a calming freedom.


In a fast-paced world we might rush our paddling experience and forget to actually be present and mindful. P2SUP meditations can guide your SUP experience in a new way.  suziebig

Slow down – Is it okay or a waste of time?

Photo by Dennis Oliphant - Sun Country Tours (Bend, OR)

Life today is fast-paced. We are scheduled and over-scheduled. Too often even our paddling time has a clock on it whether we are training for a race or racing to get a paddle in before the next obligation.With Power of Presence SUP we give you an active, guided meditation and we invite you to slow down. Will that de-rail your training or fitness goals? Not a bit! Our resting times are crucial because that’s when your body repairs the most damage done by every fast-flying day. Our mindful, present moments of rhythmic activity are crucial to our emotional and spiritual self as well.

Without a balance for your body, mind and spirit no repair is done. In that state, stress can overpower serenity. You can’t recharge and repair until you re-design your training, your practice. P2SUP is a way to become more mindful, balance body-mind-spirit fitness, and ignite your passion as a paddler. P2SUP meditations allow for a variety of paddling intensities and pace, but for the most part the activity will be slower than your norm and very rhythmic.

About Judy Shasek

Judy has an MS degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University.

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